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Finally, a tool to easily interpret your AVO data and include rock physics templates in your seismic interpretation work flow!

Rockyview Quantitative Analysis (RQA) software provides the tools to maximize the interpretation of seismic data using crossplot analysis to create and apply rock physics templates. RQA provides the ability to perform quantitative interpretation on AVO inverted data to gain insights into rock properties and lithology that can not be obtained from analysis based solely on migrated stacked data.


RQA has developed 2 modules to create and apply a quantitative interpretation of inverted data. RQA Well module is used to analyze log curves to understand relationships and create templates for identifying reservoir properties and lithology. RQA Seismic is used to analyze inverted AVO data to create seismic facies based on the templates from RQA Well to create volumes of rock properties or lithologies.


RQA is designed by interpreters for interpreters. It is easy to use and highly interactive. In order to simplify the data management, RQA works closely with Seisware to efficiently access data from your Seisware projects.

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