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Rockyview GeoServices Inc. provides geophysical consulting services. From interpretation, A&D activity, to acquisition and data management, we are focused to provide quality work and results.


With over 25 years of geophysical experience, we are confident that we can deliver geophysical consulting to meet your needs. With proven and consistent success, we can provide knowledge on plays throughout Western Canada. Interpretation experience includes mapping compressional faulting to guiding the drill bit in SAGD operations and Montney in NEBC. 


Able to provide valuable advice for A&D activity.  We can assist in reviewing data rooms, vetting opportunities, identifying upside and determining property value for property acquisitions. On the divestiture side, we can create marketing material, prepare data rooms and assist in presentations.


When planning to acquire seismic data, it is important to understand your needs first. We can provide the support to ensure the program is done right. With our extensive experience, we will design a program with optimum acquisition parameters for the play. As well, we can produce an accurate cost estimate and collaborate with the best service providers to ensure quality data and safe operations. 


Data Management is essential for preserving your valuable data. We can help organize your data or archive it for future use. If it’s time to market the data, we can provide help to maximize its value.

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